Rye, one of miracle cereals

One of the cereals which we cultivate at  AgranoLand is the rye, about which we say that is one of the miracle cereals  because it has superior nutritional properties  compared to wheat.

It is a rich source of manganese, selenium, tryptophan, phosphorus and magnesium, a mineral which synthesizes more than 300 enzymes in the body, we fiber near protein. Important vitamins found in rye are Vitamin A, B, E and K.

secara-agranoland-1All of these nutrients, and especially fibers  helps to remove toxins  from the body more quickly, fact that intended to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer, effectively protecting the healthy cells in the body.

Products made of  its flour  are nourishing, giving the feeling of saturation quickly even if consumed only a small amount, which has a positive impact on weight loss or maintenance.

Another important aspect  which we can notice is that the consumption of this cereal  supports gastrointestinal health and brings benefits to the cardiovascular system, which means reducing the risk of heart attack to adults. It is known that nutrients that we find in this cereal are more potent against cancer cells than those from vegetables or fruit.

Also, rye decreases the risk of acquiring diabetes and those suffering from this condition are advised to consume rye flour products because it decrease insulin levels. The rye flour can successfully substitute wheat flour for the preparation of bakery products, even for pancakes and cakes, especially that the rye flour contains less gluten and is richer in fiber than that the one made from wheat.

Rye must be appreciated for its taste and specific flavor more prominent compared to that of wheat, not only for its superior nutritional qualities. We recommend rye products cultivated by AgranoLand, cereal that will always be a healthy choice for the whole family.

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