SPELTA wheat, an alternative with outstanding benefits

Spelta wheat product by AgranoLand is a type of wheat that brings exceptional benefits to the body, being increasingly more popular and more appreciated.

The benefits of this type of wheat derived from the plurality of nutrients which it contains: manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, protein, fiber, vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and niacin (vitamin PP).

This type of wheat which is a relative of common wheat, is easily digestible because of the proteins it has in its composition and because of the structure of starch. Its nutritional substances are more easily assimilated because they have a special solvency in water, which means that the process of digestion is more efficient and less intense, this Spelta wheat being recommended in the alimentation of small children and sick old people.

agranoland-graul-speltaSpelta wheat can be used like common wheat for the flour necessary to manufacture of bread, pasta, cakes and other pastries, but compared to common wheat, Spelta wheat has a higher content of minerals and vitamins, a higher content of healthy fats (unsaturated fatty acids), take fewer heavy metals from the environment.

Benefits of eating products made of Spelta wheat are numerous due to the complex composition of vitamins, minerals and active substances, and through this benefits we can remember: it helps in treating degenerative diseases, neurodermitis of children, skin diseases, reduce the risk of breast cancer, stimulates kidney activity, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the occurrence of asthma to children, it has immune stimulating effect, is an anti-inflammatory and it helps to treat disorders of metabolism and digestion.

The flour from Spelta wheat resemble in appearance with the rye flour, but with a taste slightly sweet, with a slightly nut flavor and a fluffy texture, which tends to create a crispy dough that does not become hard or rubbery.
We recommend AgranoLand flour product from Spelta wheat because it is an excellent natural remedy that, unlike the other species of wheat, contain nutritive substances optimally dosed and balanced for a healthy alimentation.

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