Tasty and healthy products from ecological flour

Ecological flour is an actual subject because the winter holydays are near and all of us we are already thinking at the the enticing smell of cakes, cookies, pies and all kind of goodies made by bakery or pastry. And the housewives are also preparing  the pantry with all the needed,  among which flour is one of the most important components.

On the market there are a lot of different types of flour, all of them with nice labels and catchy messages that make you see even from the store how grows like in a fairytale the cake or the cookie that you are going to cook. But the majority of the products on flour shelf contains improvers, loosener, various additions who creates this artificial growth, that just enchants the look because the quality and the after consuming sensation is damaged by those adjustments.

ecological flourWe at AgranoLand produce ecological flour only from our own cereals, carefully selected, following the product trace since the field preparation, to sowing, harvesting and till the ecological mill. So our flour has an exact traceability, 100% natural quality, without any additions, friable or enhancers.

For the best quality products, healthy and nutritious, our recommendation is the next AgranoLand ecological flour types:
-superior white Organic wheat flour 550 for pastry
It is obtain from own production, from wheat cultivated in certified ecological conditions. This flour offers a pure flavor and a rich taste, the organic production giving it all the vitamins, fibers and nutritious components that we need into a healthy alimentation.

ecological flourThe quality of this organic 100% natural flour is superior and permanently controlled, is recommended for doughs, white bread, pastry products, cakes, fine cookies and other sweets, but also to soups and sauces curdling.

– white Organic wheat flour 650 – Bakery
This flour offers a special taste for a healthy life because our wheat is only from own production and he is rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins that are essential to our body.
Being a 100% natural and ecologically certified product, this flour has outstanding features for baking and multiple uses, his high proteins content making it perfect for bread, pizza, foccacia or other baking products.

Try and eat products that come only from what nature gives us, AgranoLand ecological flour being an healthy alternative and an energy source for everyone of us.

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